Climate Affordability Study

The Climate Affordability Study [PDF] was developed by NYSERDA and DEC, in collaboration with the Division of the Budget and the State Departments of Taxation and Finance and Public Service, to consider how best to deliver New York Cap-and-Invest proceeds to New Yorkers.

Supplemental Materials: Climate Affordability Study Supplemental Materials Workbook [XLSX]

Pre-Proposal Outline

For the Second Stage of Pre-Proposal Outreach, DEC and NYSERDA are seeking feedback on the Pre-Proposal Outline [PDF].

Analysis Resources

Inputs Annex: Inputs Annex on NYCI Modeling Sectors [PDF]

Preliminary Analysis Data Annex: NYCI Preliminary Analysis Data Annex [XLSX]

June 20, 2023 - Cap-and-Invest Analysis Inputs and Methods Webinar:

Inputs and Methods Webinar Presentation [PDF]

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January 26, 2024 - Preliminary Analysis Overview Webinar:

Preliminary Analysis [PDF]

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