Cap-and-Invest Rule

Developing New York State’s Economywide
Cap-and-Invest Regulations


Cap-and-Invest Rulemaking (6 NYCRR Part 252)


Public input will inform development of the regulations to implement New York’s Cap-and-Invest Program, including the mandatory reporting of emissions under that program.  As a starting point, DEC and NYSERDA invite the public to review the regulation governing California’s economywide program [PDF] (opens in new window) as well as those operating in Quebec (opens in new window) and Washington State [PDF] (opens in new window). DEC and NYSERDA are interested in hearing what elements of those regulations would work well and what improvements or changes may best serve New York.

Meeting the Climate Act Limit on Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) with a Cap-and-Invest Solution 

DEC and NYSERDA invite the public to Provide Comments on the development of the regulations and have developed a template document [PDF] to assist commenters in providing feedback on these topics.

DEC and NYSERDA are seeking feedback on the Pre-Proposal Outline [PDF] with preliminary program information released as part of the Second Stage of stakeholder outreach.

Compilation of questions posed from the First Phase of Pre-Proposal Outreach. [PDF]

Submit Comments (opens in new window)

DEC and NYSERDA will review comments and further develop materials to define New York’s program. Notices will be sent to the distribution list when the materials are posted.